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16 March 2016 @ 10:47 pm
So the POI fandom has some good news and some bad news. Bad news first.

Bad news is that CBS officially canceled Person of Interest today. And the other bad news is that some fandoms are all voting against Root/Shaw in this years Zimbio Poll.

Good news, the good news is that we finally got a release date for season 5 of POI. It'll be May 3rd with a new episode playing on Monday's and Tuesday's at 10PM.

More good news is if all of the Person of Interest fandom and hey even some who aren't in the POI fandom can put aside their differences and help vote for Root/Shaw we can win the Zimbio poll. We won last year and we can win again this year. It'll boost morale and it'll show networks, hopefully Netflix that the fandom is definitely still alive and kicking.

Vote Here: Voting Ends - Friday, March 18 at 9pm PST

The other good news is if everyone goes and calls, emails, and tweets Netflix it'll show them how interested the fans are in them picking it up. Just because it's canceled doesn't mean that it can't still get picked up by another network. Warner Brothers owns the show and if another network shows it's interested it can contact them about it. Plus a bunch of fans who have already been contacting Netflix have heard that if we do show them enough how interested we are then they'll consider picking it up because they want to show what people want and if enough people want it they'll give it.

We also have quite a few campaigns going on, one of which is to mail into Netflix a ton of paper cranes. Random I know, but if we just flood them with paper cranes (they represent hope) then we can show them how much we need them to pick it up. Past shows have been able to save shows by bombarding the studios with one item. Like Jericho spammed CBS with peanuts until they gave in and gave them another season.

Some other campaigns we’d like to do is like the Firefly fandom did and put an advertisement in a magazine but that’s expensive and we don’t want to raise money for that until the charities have reached their goals. We also thought of finding a company that would fund the show like Chuck got 3.5 more seasons because Subway funded them and they advertised Subway in the show. Not sure how POI would be able to do it but it’s one idea.

For more information on all of this you can check out our here:

Save POI Tumblr
Save POI
Save POI Twitter

One way of getting some good publicity for the show is by donating to charities. Its helping people and helping the show at the same time.

First charity: Waterkeeper Alliance supported by Amy Acker:

Waterkeeper Alliance Info & Donation

Second Charity: Stand Up For Kids helps homeless children:

Stand Up For Kids Info & Donation

Also sign this petition it almost has 30k signatures: Sign Here

Netflix Address:

Netflix HQ
100 Winchester Cir
Los Gatos, California 95032

Different ways of contacting Netflix are here: https://help.netflix.com/contactus?locale=en-US

If you need any helping on finding the right info or have any ideas please contact me. I'll be filming a documentary next week about people trying to save TV shows and I'm the one they're filming so I'm going to try and represent the fandom as a whole the best I can.